From the Bereavement Committee: Ming Lowe - 9/9/21


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September 9, 2021
On August 26, 2021, the FedEx pilot group lost one of the most dedicated and caring volunteers it has ever known. Captain Ming Lowe was the former chair of the FedEx ALPA Bereavement Committee. Ming was diagnosed with glioblastoma in 2018 and he fought this cancer with courage and grace until the end. For those that were fortunate enough to have known Ming, your life was better for having known him. Ming was kind and thoughtful and lived his life serving others. Ming was the Bereavement Chair for 11 years. In that time, he provided compassionate assistance to the pilots and families of FedEx. Ming created the Surviving Family Guide which has been blended with retirement and insurance to create a document that is a bedrock of the Bereavement Committee. When I was a new hire, I served as flight engineer on one of Ming’s flights. The professionalism and kindness he showed me were tremendous. I knew then what a truly special person Ming was. I had recently read a communication that Ming published concerning the loss of a crewmember. Ming and I discovered that we had similar backgrounds and he eventually asked if I would be willing to join the Bereavement Committee. I was happy to serve and work with such an outstanding person. Through the years, the Bereavement Committee has helped so many pilots and families deal with one of the hardest life events any of us will ever experience. As FedEx pilots, we are all fortunate that Ming gave of his time and love to help and serve us all. Ming would like you to share a memory of him at the following link:
God Bless Ming Lowe!
Warmest Regards,
Craig Aber
Bereavement Committee Chair